Organizing a movement of movements for all

WeekForFuture, Sept 2019

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Developing the idea of a climate justice movement of/for movements for all people

Inspired by the youth led FFF, we as ecological and climate justice movements try to build up a movement of/for movements. The whole civil society needs to stand up and take its responsibility towards the young generation and the living planet. Everyone should be able to join.

1. This story begins with the WeekForFuture in September 2019.

Unions, FFF, universities and so on joined for a week of protest. 8 million people took part all over the world. Read more here:

What is the #weekforfuture about?

2. A next step in this unifying process was the COP25 meeting in Madrid

Also in Madrid, grassroots movements and organizations from all over the world joined FFF.

3. ScientistsForFuture

Another way of creating a united movement which listens to the young climate activists is undertaken by the ScientistsForFuture with around 25 000 researchers uniting behind FridaysForFuture.

ScientistsForFuture and the role of the university

4. Building a united movement “PeopleForFuture”

See: (and soon, there will be a global webpage)