ScientistsForFuture and the role of the university



The first …-ForFuture groups were founded already in September 2018. The concept “ScientistsForFuture” was used by me and some researchers with connection to Stockholms university.

With the purpose to give the young people FridaysForFuture a scientific foundation for their first global strike, some german speaking researchers around Gregor Hagedorn founded the association ScientistsForFuture in March 2019 and published a statement saying “The young people are right about the ecological and climate crisis”. Over 25 000 researchers have joined the statement.

Since then, ScientistsForFuture has become an international movment within the academic world:

Here is the statement as a video (with english subtitles).

Projects and how you can become active

S4F is working on new projects. If you would like to join S4F and contribute to a project, you can join one of the international groups :

Important work done is linked to the new EU-climate law.

Here is the statement: