The “Conference” – 2021

Zoom-“conference” – Coordination: David Fopp, PhD, senior lecturer – Stockholm University – January/February 2021

Intergenerational climate/justice activism,

political and educational change for sustainability

and science / the role of the university

The sessions

A  What is the problem 1? The ecological and climate crisis and the democratic challenge

B What is the problem 2? Planetary boundaries and “human” boundaries: GDP vs wellbeing/needs vs convivialism. About philosophy, politics and economics in relation to the crisis

C The norms – what is the compass for the changed political framework and for the process of the transition itself?

D How do we get there 1? Changing politics and society – multigenerationality and the new climate movements

E How do we get there 2? Strategy – how to do change the political framework? From blocking power stations and forests – to school striking – to blocking inner cities – to changing international law

F The role of all sciences and the university – science and education for sustainability

G “We need a new way of thinking”is philosophy possible as a multigenerational project for a sustainable global democracy (and a sustainable relationship to nature and co-humans)?


Multigenerational climate/justice activism, political and educational change and the role of science


How could the “the people” and university together become the core for a sustainable societal transformation – the challenges

Session A


Session B


Session C



Thank you for your interest